Choose Us

That is why you choose us?

Our organization has been around for more than 33 years and builds on years of experience with a highly driven and passionate team. Our chiropractors are all academically trained and affiliated with the NCA and SCN professional groups. Our seven practices are each 25 kilometers apart in major cities in the USA.

  • Ten specialists with many years of experience
  • Newest and most advanced treatment equipment
  • The unique iDXA Scan that makes recordings of the spine so that the chiropractor can make a quick and especially proper diagnosis.
  • Ultrasound and shockwave therapy: the only chiropractic practice in the South of the country that also uses ultrasound and shockwave therapy in combination with chiropractic treatments.
  • No waiting lists: due to the very long opening times we do not use waiting lists, acute patients can be treated in the concise term.